Dolphin Dive

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Dolphin Dive :

$141.00 per person


After your top-side orientation and Q&A session to learn about dolphin diving etiquette, a five-minute boat ride brings you to a beautiful reef wall where you’ll descend to a white sand bottom at 60 feet. Two or three naturally curious dolphins will arrive and are free to interact with you as they choose. In this unstructured setting, many of the complexities of the dolphins’ relationships and communication can be revealed. For the optimal experience, sessions are limited to a small group of participants – accompanied by a dive guide, dolphin behaviorist & videographer.


  • Must be Scuba certified to 60 feet.
  • Personal camaras and video allowed.
  • Easily accessible dive site.
  • DAN Emergency Oxygen Kit onboard vessels.
  • Onsite Hyperbaric Chamber & Clinic in case of emergency.
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