Shopping & Sightseeing Tours

Shopping & Sightseeing Tour :

$35.00 per person


Specifically designed for the shopaholic or average collector of travel souvenirs and artifacts, this tour visits some of Roatan’s finest souvenirs stores and shops, as well as lesser known Island gems with affordable prices and a wide variety of Island and Honduran antiques and gifts. Whatever you’re choosing or price range this tour offers clients the opportunity to shop until their hearts content.

  • Visit West End Village for an array of souvenirs and antique stores including the two finest cigar stores/bars on the Island.
  • The renowned “Yaba ding ding” located in the financial and business center of Coxen Hole has long been known as one of Roatan’s most reliable and affordable souvenir shops with a wide variety of gifts ranging from cigars to antiques to hammocks to magnets, this gift shop offers it all.
  • “Luki Liki” gift shop though not a veteran of the Gift Shops, like Yaba ding ding has certainly earned its reputation as a reliable dealer of antiques and souvenirs with a friendly staff and a wonderfully stocked store located just outside the “hustle and bustle” of Coxen Hole.
  • “Made in Roatan” has become the newest hit among souvenir stores with its unique approach of converting recycled goods into a wide range of local Island treasures, including Iguanas, conch shells, barracudas and the lovable “Watusi.” They also design local plantlife and a variety of other items found throughout the Islands. A truly unique store with its own signature style and approach. A definite must see if you visit Roatan.

Shopping & Sightseeing Tour :

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