Zip N Dip

Zip and Dip :

ziplineWEST BAY BEACH 1zipline

$65.00 per person

The “Zip N Dip” Tour is a 4 to 5 hour excursion including a beach break option. All tours include roundtrip transportation from both cruise ship terminals. All guests will spend at least 3 hours on the magnificent West Bay beach before returning to your designated cruise ship. The zip-line portion of the tour includes 11 zip-line cables and 16 launch/landing platforms. The zip-line park is the #1 rated on Roatan and is a 5 star rated destination.

All individuals are instructed by our professional guides and staff in a full security and “how to” briefing for a great zip-line adventure. All guides have completed over 2000 hours of course simulation and training.

The Zip Lines include two cables. One cable is used for attaching your harness and “pulley” for easy gliding from one platform to another. The second cable is for attaching support clips that provide a smoother and safer experience.



Zip and Dip :

  • All excursions include round trip transportation from both cruise ship terminals.
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